Ad Guidelines & Handbook

Advertising by Newspaper: Advertising Guidelines & Handbook

2014 Edition

by David J. Bodney and Chris Moeser

Since the 2011 edition, lawmakers adopted few statutes addressing advertising rights and duties of newspapers. One significant new law regulates advertisements for escort services. That statute requires escort service advertisements to include state license numbers. This fourth edition of “Advertising By Newspaper” catalogues these recent changes.

As before, this guidebook does not attempt to analyze the various constitutional and other legal challenges that could be raised against these state laws. Nor does it serve as a substitute for legal advice on particular questions of law. But it should function as a worthy map of Arizona’s legal terrain for publishers who want to know what our state laws say about their rights and duties to publish ads.

We thank Jessie Wilson, a summer associate from the University of San Diego School of Law, for her work on this project.

David J. Bodney
June 2014

ANA Note: At the time of the update (July 2014) there are no changes to the medical marijuana or e-Cigarette advertising guidelines.  We will post and notify publishers as the state makes any changes.

The comprehensive guidebook contains information on the following topics relating to laws governing advertising in Arizona newspapers:

Abortion, Ambulances,
Arizona’s Distinctive Symbols, Batteries, Contraception,
Counterfeit Marks,
Driver’s License Testing,
Drug Paraphernalia,
Education, Employment,
False and Fraudulent Advertising,
Financial Institutions and Matters,
Flags, Food and Beverages,
Fuel and Oil,
Health Care Institutions, Insurance,
Obscene Material,
Political Campaigns, Professions,
Pyramid Promotional Schemes,
Racing, Rental Cars,
Rental-Purchase Agreements,
Taxes, Tires, Utilities,

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