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Advertising & Newsroom AnswerLine

This service provides answers for editors, reporters, circulation managers and advertising personnel from ANA-member newspapers (excluding areas covered by the Media Hotline).

How do I contact the AnswerLine?
Peters, Cannata & Moody PLC
(602) 248-2900

What does the ANA AnswerLine cost my newspaper?
The first hour of the attorney’s time is paid by the Arizona Newspapers Association. If necessary, consultation and research beyond the first hour, only with approval of the newspaper, is billed at a 10% discount rate directly to the ANA member.

What does the ANA AnswerLine cover?

Political AdvertisingPublic NoticesBallot InitiativesReferendaDisclosure requirements for political candidatesGeneral Advertising Issues

False advertising

Obligations, liability, verification

Right to refuse


Contractors’ license numbers


Tobacco ads

Sweepstakes, raffles, lotteries, games of chance



What is defamatory/libelous

Public figure/private citizen distinction

Publication and republishing

Group defamation

Opinions and First Amendment privilege

Judicial proceedings/legislative immunity privilegeCommon interest privilegeReliance on statements of officialsAbuse of privilegesMaliceNon-privileged reports

Review of proposed news articles.

Fair Reporting And Editing

Review of “responsible” sources and evidence

Reliance on police reports

Judicial proceedings


Slanted editing/cropping/reporting




Right to privacy


Intrusion and trespass

False light

Arizona First Amendment Coalition Media Hotline

For more than 20 years, the FAC’s Media Hotline has provided free over-the-phone advice to all bona fide journalists in the state, including those working for student newspapers and student broadcast stations. The focus of the FAC Media Hotline is to protect access to governmental news sources with emphasis on advice relating to the public?s rights (1) under the federal and state Open Meetings Laws to attend and report meetings of governmental bodies; (2) to obtain public records under the federal Freedom of Information Act and Arizona?s Public Records Law; (3) to resist search warrants and subpoenas; and (4) to attend, report and photograph court proceedings.

What does it cost to use the Media Hotline?
The Media Hotline is funded by the First Amendment Coalition of Arizona, Inc., of which the Arizona Newspapers Association is a major contributor through member dues. It is operated by Perkins Coie Brown & Bain, P.A., the attorneys for the First Amendment Coalition. There is no cost to the user up to the initiation of litigation. If court action is required, fee and cost arrangements are between the newspaper or broadcaster and Perkins Coie Brown & Bain or other law firm. For information about law firms in Arizona that handle such cases, contact ANA (602) 261-7655 Ext. 105.

What areas of advice and assistance are offered?
Access to federal and state records and meetings; access to court proceedings and records; access to public places; opposing gag orders; protecting confidential sources; opposing subpoenas and search warrants; obtaining camera access inside courtrooms.

Media/FAC Hotline
Perkins Coie Brown & Bain, P.A.
(602) 351-8000

HR Hotline

Peters, Cannata & Moody PLC
(602) 248-2900

Human Resources Hotline
The employment and labor relations hotline is staffed by John Moody of LaSota & Peters, PLC. He is available to answer manager/publisher questions about any human resources or personnel issues.

Who can use the HR hotline?
Only Publishers of ANA-member newspapers and their department heads are allowed to use the hotline.

What is the cost of the HR Hotline?
ANA members are entitled to up to one hour of consultation and advice on a particular issue paid for by the Association. If additional legal time is needed, LaSota & Peters will provide an estimate of additional time needed and will offer a discounted fee.

When should someone call?
Anytime. It is better to receive guidance about applicable law and act accordingly, than to continue a course of action that may be based on faulty assumptions, which could become quite costly to the company.

What is covered?
The HR Hotline may be used for answers to questions about any laws and regulations governing employment and labor relations. For example, the HR Hotline attorneys can answer your questions about sexual harassment; disability, gender, age, race, and religion discrimination; wrongful discharge claims; family and medical leave act requirements; union campaigns; contract negotiations; non-compete agreements; employee discipline; accommodation of disabled individuals under the Americans With Disabilities Act; drug and alcohol testing; and wage and hour issues.

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